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"Hi Mark
Thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day.
Your Wedding Host service was absolutely perfect for us, it was extremely useful and much more enjoyable having you on hand to help.
Our guests absolutely loved the set you played and we all partied the whole night through! We would highly recommend your services to anyone else."

Pegasus Discos WeymouthCeremony Music

Picture the scene: It’s your wedding day, your guests arrive and take their seats. The Registrar is ready, the Groom stands nervously at the front waiting for the big moment, and then the Bride makes her grand entrance.

From somewhere in the room a thin, tinny sound plays a song. As the bride glides down the aisle, the music is cut abruptly as she reaches the groom. Again, as the register is signed, low quality sounding music is played, and when the couple exits their ceremony, all emphasis is lost in the commotion.

Guess what? There’s a better way…

There I am, with my professional, discreet but high quality sound system, tucked away at the back or in a corner. As the guests are getting settled, I play the songs selected by the Bride and Groom, adapting the volume to suit the environment. Each track elegantly flows in to the next. When the Bride is ready, the Registrar gives me the nod and the Bride’s chosen processional song starts to play. She makes her way to the waiting Groom and, as she reaches him, the music gently fades away. During the Register signing, I manage the sound level to suit the chatter and excitement – sometimes the ceremony needs a subtle, low sound – other times the guests are more upbeat and loud, so I increase the volume enough to be heard. As the couple walk back down the aisle, newly married, I ensure the timing of the exit music is impeccable, and that a playlist continues until the very last guest leaves.

Since offering the option of a managed ceremony music service it has quickly become one of my most popular additional services.

Wedding Host

Pegasus Discos WeymouthAs your wedding day ‘host’, I will be there to help you and your wedding guests through the day by keeping a smooth-running, relaxed atmosphere without the formality of a Toastmaster.

During our pre-wedding consultation, I will gather the information required to help your day run without a hitch. This will include welcoming the Bride & Groom to their wedding breakfast, introduction of the speeches, and announcing the cutting of the cake. After this, the background music will continue whilst you welcome your evening guests. I will then, if required, introduce the all-important first dance. Lastly, as your wedding reception draws to a close, I can organise your guests in to a ‘wedding arch’ with your choice of music for your official departure – it’s a fun and memorable way to finish your wedding day.

Disco and Band packages

Pegasus Discos WeymouthAs a DJ, I know there’s nothing quite like the energy of live music – which is why we have teamed up with the phenomenal band Chillto offer you a package of quality Dj’ing alongside upbeat, get-on-your-feet live music. You’ll get the excitement that only a live band can produce, plus the flexibility and diversity of a professional disco.

If you have your own band in mind, I will happily arrange to meet beforehand, as well as ideally see them perform, to discuss the type of music they play so as not to duplicate any songs within my own set.

These additional services are only available when booking Pegasus Discos to provide the disco entertainment, please get in touch to discuss how I can help.

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